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Ajay Banga LinkedIn: How Is Mastercard Executive Mentioned as CEO of World Bank? What Is His Net Worth & Education? Checkout His Wife & Family Facts Now!

This article below shares details about Ajay Banga LinkedIn as well as people’s opinions on appointing Ajay as a Leader of the Bank of World.

Ajay Banga LinkedIn

Do you have any data about Ajay Banga? Have you really heard any updates about him? If not, you are searching for exact data.

Individuals from India and the US were enthused about examining Ajay Banga’s lord foundation and occupation profile. We encouraged you to look at this post on Ajay Banga LinkedIn the whole way through on the off chance that you wished to know a similar data.

Disclaimer: This review shouldn’t advance any individual or affiliation. The article has been shaped to show individuals, and each of the subtleties alluded to in this review have been taken from reliable sources.

Why Are Individuals Searching For Data About Ajay On LinkedIn?

Ajay Banga is being looked for data on LinkedIn considering how he was really settled to lead a World Bank. Resulting to hearing this news, individuals by and large were captivated about his lord foundation and the affirmation rules.

Various individuals likewise trusted in it to deceive data and wanted to affirm it. In any case, we guarantee our perusers that it is significant and not snitch that Ajay Banga, President, will deal with the Bank.

Who Is Ajay Banga

Ajay Banga is an Indian Business pioneer. He got President Joe Biden’s errand to lead the Bank of the World on February 23, 2023. He is after a short time Far reaching Atlantic’s determined bad habit chief. He was Mastercard supervisor administrator coming about to driving the relationship as president from 2010 till December 31, 2020.

On December 31, 2021, he left this work and joined General Atlantic. The U.S.- India Business Party, comparatively drove by Ajay Banga, solidifies more than 300 of the best new money related sponsors.

Ajay Banga LinkedIn Wiki

Full Name                           Ajaypal Singh Banga

Wife                                   RituBanga

Age                                    63 years old

Maternal Status                   Married

Date of Birth                       10th December 1959

Birth Area                           Pune

Calling                                Banker

Horoscope                           Scorpio

Father Name                        Harbhajan Singh Banga

Full scale assets                   1.2 billion bucks

Individuals’ Response On This Information!

Various individuals have voiced their disarray over the speedy arrangement of Ajay Banga as the new Top of the Bank of the World. The choice to allow him an astounding opportunity to lead the Bank has gotten endorsement from various individuals.

Ajay Banga Direction

Banga went to the Public Helper school in Hyderabad and St. Edward’s School in Shimla for his coaching. He graduated with a Financial issues Expert of Enunciations (Respects) from St. Stephen’s School.

Individual Educational Encounters concerning Ajay Banga

Banga was brought into the world in 1959 into a Saini Sikh Family in Pune, Bombay State, where his dad was a strategic authority. His predecessors are from the Punjabi city of Jalandhar. His dad, past lieutenant general Harbhajan Singh Banga, worked in the Indian Equipped power.

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In summing up this article, we have portrayed What Is Ajay Banga by calling. He was essentially settled to be the highest point of the Bank of the World. This news has gotten a fair reaction from different people. 

What is your take of this data? Liberally present your points of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who assigned Ajay Banga as the highest point of the Bank of World?

Joe Biden

Q2. What is the mother’s name of Ajay Banga


Q3. When Ajay Banga began his occupation?

Inhe year 1981.

Q4. How Is Ajay Banga get picked as Top of the Bank?

Due his constant effort and breaking point, as imparted by Joe Biden.

Q5. What number of kids Ajay Banga has?

He has two kids.

Q6. In which Social stage is Ajay Banga dynamic?


Q7. What are the names of Ajay Banga’s young people?

Jojoga and Aditi Banga

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