Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit: Where And How The Alligator Attack The Woman? Check Full Details On Alligator Attack Unedited Video

This article on Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit was written to give you brief information about the incident.

Have you heard about the Alligator Attack on the elderly woman? Where did it happen? Is the woman alive or not? What was her family’s reaction after this? Are you interested to know about this? People from the United States are eager to find out more about this accident. Are you one of them? If yes, kindly read this article till the end. All the information about Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit will be given below, so kindly read it with your utmost attention. 

Where and How the Alligator Attack the Woman? 

This horrific incident took place in Florida. Since the incident took place it has gone viral everywhere and many videos and articles have been released about this incident. The news got immensely viral on Reddit. The video contained uncensored content, due to which the video was taken down from Reddit. Whereas some footage of the viral video is still available on the internet. Many people are searching for more information about this mishappening. To get the details of the incident kindly read below. 

Details on Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video         

This horrific incident took place on Monday, 20th February 2023. A woman named Gloria Serge who is a resident of Florida was seen taking her dog for a walk. As per the information she took her dog for a walk near the Spanish Lakes Fairways. The dog went to play with the grass and that was when the alligator attacked them. The alligator was so quick that they did not get any time to save themselves. After this, the Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit was posted everywhere. The alligator tried to attack the dog, but she tried to save him and got herself attacked. 

The viral video of the attack 

As we have read above the video about the attack got viral and gained a lot of comments and likes from people. Most of the people were thrilled after watching the video and reading the articles about the incident. The video was removed from Reddit due to the uncensored content. Later after the incident took place the alligator was captured by six Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers. The entire content is available on the Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit which is available on Youtube. 

More information on the video 

Gloria tried to save her dog and got herself in danger. The alligator tried to attack the dog but changed its focus when Gloria tried to save her dog. But unfortunately, she fell and risked her life. The alligator dragged her by their feet and took her into the water which was seen in Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit. Gloria tried to save herself by holding the ground tight but it did not help. She was submerged by the alligator and drowned in the water.


Many videos have been uploaded to the internet about the hilarious incident that happened with Gloria. The Reddit viewers had mixed reactions to the video. This video raised awareness among the people. To know more about it, kindly click on this link

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 Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit FAQs 

Q1. Where did this incident take place? 

In Florida. 

Q2. Where did the video go viral? 

On Reddit. 

Q3. Was the Alligator taken by the authorities? 


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