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Do you want to know about Kemberly Achas’s video? Are you eager to know about the content of the video? If so, read the article till the end. Kemberly Achas Video became viral across the Philippines after she was pronounced dead. The people are eager to know about the issue.

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What did happen to Kemberly Achas?

Everyone is interested to know about Kemberly after her live-in partner hit her. A CCTV footage became viral where Achas was seen being hitten by her live-in partner. The name of her partner is Edson Campo Jaimsula. Edson and Kemberly used to live together. But, the video of Edson hitting Kemberly violently shook everyone. The incident gave the goose bump to everyone who watched the video. They are shocked to see such an incident. The footage became Viral On Reddit and many other platforms. 

About Kemberly and Edson

Kemberly is a 22-year-old lady, and Edson is 27 years old. They resided in Don Carlos Town, Poblacion Sur, Purok. The incident also took place at the same home in their residence. Kemberly is a college student who is in third year. Edson hit Kemberly very brutally, and she succumbed to death. Although she was taken to the hospital, she was brought dead. Many photos and videos of the incident became viral, and people were discussing the incident. The investigation is also being carried out.

Viral on Tiktok

Viral on Tiktok

The video attracted many people on various social media platforms, including TikTok. People are claiming harsh punishment against Edson, who has killed his partner. People claim that there should be a rigorous investigation and that Edson should be punished for his crime. However, there is no information regarding his arrest and punishment. According to some sources, he has been arrested, and the authority is investigating. The video has alerted the people against such crimes. The people are more careful about these incidents. The video has also gained many views on Instagram.

Another Video of the Same Incident

Another video of the same incident also became viral, where a 67 years old of a similar name to Kemberly was killed by her 28 years old son. People are also confused a little between these two videos. Because both the victims share the same name. The people are paying tribute to both the victims and praying for the peace of the departed souls. The people are also claiming immediate action against such a heinous crime. People are also commenting on Youtube videos.

Why did Edson Hit Kemberly?

People are trying to know the reason for the incident. People are asking why Edson hit Kemberly. But, there is no further information till now. People are waiting for the police report and additional details. Many such incidents are happening in many countries. Therefore, authorities should be strict against such incidents. People should be alert and careful whenever they come across such incidents. Such heinous crimes are increasing day by day. Many such videos and photos circulate across social media platforms, including Telegram.

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Every authority must take strict and immediate action against the heinous crimes in every society. People should also be alert and careful before trusting anyone. They should know all the details of a person before building a relationship. Read details about domestic violence here.

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Q3. Where did the incident take place?

Don Carlos Town, Poblacion Sur, Purok.

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