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{Full Video} Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage: Explore Full Information On Kemberly Achas Viral Video Cctv, And Photos

The article explains the brutal incident that leads to the death of Kimberly. People can gather the details by reading Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage.

Who is Kimberly Achas? What was the video that was viral on social media? What happened to the student? Are people searching for the cause of Kimberly’s death? The footage about the girl is viral in the Philippines, and the public is seriously discussing the Cctv video. Read the article to learn more about the incident through Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage.

About the Cctv Footage

Kimberly Achas was admitted to the hospital after being brutally hitten by her live-in boyfriend. She later died from her injuries. On March 11th, 2023, images circulated through social media and went viral. She suffered a brutal injury, which was painful to see. A large number of citizens were outraged when they watched the incident. On March 9th, 2023, the incident happened at 3.10 pm at home at Don Carlos. It was stated officially. 

Kemberly Achas Photos

The video was spreading among the people. The video has the person who hits the girl violently. The guy’s name is Edson Campo, and the police caught him due to his illegal activity toward a woman. People are in pain after watching such footage that went viral in the media. The women in the video were Kimberly. It is found that they both live in Purok in the same residence.

Edson Campo’s age was 27 years, and he had no job. Kimberly Achas’s age was 22 years. She was a 3rd-year student. Kimberly and Edson are in a relationship with the kid, nine months old, as per the source. After watching the Kemberly Achas Viral Video Cctv public got very angry.

Kemberly Achas Photos

What is the reason for the incident?

As per inquiry, when Kimberly tried to feed her infant, Edson did not allow her to do. That leads to a huge argument between them. Edson attacked the woman brutally. She was injured heavily and was taken to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that Kimberly was dead due to a heavy injury.

Why is Kimberly Leach trending now in social media?

The news about Kimberly is trending due to the brutal attack. Meanwhile, while people search online based on the name, one more incident became trending. That girl’s name was Kimberly Leach. She was 12 years old. She lost her life in 1978. She got killed. Due to the similarity in names, people got confused. Thus, the details of Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage are explained.  

The video has content that treats the girl very badly. People who are strong enough to watch such incidents can see the video. The information is obtained from trusted sources for general purposes only.


As per online sources, the video of Kimberly went viral on many platforms, and the public was in shock after watching it. People can do such things to a girl, and he should be punished. After seeing the punishment, others should think about doing such things further. Everyone is concerned about stopping such incidents. Gather more details online.

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Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage- FAQ   

Q1. Who is the person that attacked Kimberly?

Edson Campo is the name of the guy who attacked brutally.

Q2. Who is Edson Campo?

Edson was Kimberly’s partner, as per online resources.

Q3. Did the police arrest Edson?

Yes, Edson got caught by the police.

Q4. What is the age of Edson Campo?

He is 27 years old. He does not have any job.

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