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[Unedited] Letecia Stauch Wikipedia: Who Is Letecia Stauch’s Husband? Also Know More Details On Her Daughter And Trial Twitter

This post on Letecia Stauch Wikipedia will explain all the details related to the latest updates of the trial of Letecia Stauch.

Do you know Letecia Stauch? Do you know what happened to her grandson? Letecia Stauch has been searched on all the social media platforms for a shocking reason. People from the United States and Canada are searching for further details related to Letecia Stauch. This post on Letecia Stauch Wikipedia will explain all the important details related to the latest case of Letecia Stauch, so we suggest all the interested readers to stay tuned to this post till the end.


What is the latest update of Letecia Stauch?

Letecia Stauch has been searched by many people on the internet nowadays. The internet is filled with posts and comments related to Letecia Stauch. So, why is Letecia Stauch trending nowadays? Well, Letecia Stauch is a former teacher who was accused for the murder of her step son Gannon Stauch. Letecia was arrested in 2020. However, she has been trending recently for her Trial Twitter. Recently, her trial has been concluded and Letecia has been found guilty of all the charges such as murder, tampering the body and evidence and child assault. Letecia has been charged for life imprisonment and is deemed to spend her entire life in prison now. 

Disclaimer – We are not blaming anyone through this post. All the information in this post is checked and verified and this article has been published just for informative purposes.

What happened to Gannon Stauch?

Gannon Stauch was a 11 year old boy living in Colorado. On 27th January 2020, a report was filed by Letecia Stauch when her Husband was away for work. She told the police that Gannon had ran away from the home without any notice. However, police later on discovered Gannon’s body around 1000 miles away from the Colorado house. Also, police found some loopholes in Letecia’s statement. Letecia earlier told the police that Gannon had gone to one of his friend’s house. However, the CCTV footage clearly revealed that Letecia was the last person to ever contact Gannon. Police also found some blood stains in Gannon’s bedroom and Letecia’ car. The police suspected that Gannon was hitten to death’ by Letecia Stauch.

What happened in the trial of Letecia Stauch?

The trial of Letecia Stauch started in March 2023 and laster for a many weeks. The Verdict Watch shocked everyone in the court as it was Harley Hunt, the stepdaughter who testified against Letecia. Every week of the trial shocked people to the core and many people wondered how someone could be this cruel towards a child. The trial started as prosecution presented evidence of Letecia’s crime. The bloodstains in Letecia’s car and Gannon’s bedsheet were presented in the court. Also, some reports have revealed that Letecia had allegedly killed Gannon by stabbing him around 18 times. Letecia’s team denied all the charges. However, recently the jury found Letecia guilty of all her crimes. 

What was Letecia’s husband’s reaction on the crime?

Letecia Stauch has a step Daughter named Harley Hunt and had a step son named Gannon Stauch. Letecia was married to Al Stauch. Al Stauch is in military. He was married to Landen Hiott and had two kids together. Due to some unknown reason, Al and Landen got separated and then Al married Letecia. The couple was together even when Letecia was accused of murdering his step son. However, later on Al divorced Latecia in 2022 and said that the divorce felt like a weight being lifted off his shoulders. Al remained calm and composed during the entire investigation. However, he was devastated inside and just wanted justice for his son.

Letecia Stauch Biography, Personal life:

Real name  Letecia Stauch 
Age 38
Letecia Stauch Wikipedia Profession  Former teacher 
Birthplace South Carolina, USA
Nationality American
Known for  Murder of her step son
Birthday  Unknown 
Marital status Divorced
Ex-husband Al Stauch 

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To conclude this post, Letecia Stauch is now been sentenced to death and justice has been served for Gannon Stauch. Please visit this link to learn more about Letecia Stauch 

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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia – FAQs

Q1. Who is Letecia Stauch?

Answer: Letecia Stauch is a former teacher who has recently been accused for the murder of her step son.

Q2. What happened fo Letecia Stauch’s step son?

Answer: Letecia Stauch’s step son Gannon Stauch was found dead in Florida, around 1000 miles away from his house.

Q3. How old was Gannon at the time of his death?

Answer: Gannon was around 11 years old at the time of his death.

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