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In 2022, QTCinderella was nominated for 12th Breakout Streamer, Esports Streamer of the Year, and The Game Awards 2022 for Content Creator of the Year. She had attended culinary school and learned skills frequently used for content creation. 

She has more than 773K followers worldwide, specifically from the United StatesSpain, and the United Kingdom. Her posts received more than 21.2 million views. So, would you like to know about the trending Qtcinderella AI Video?

About Qtcinderella’s Deepfake AI video:

QTCinderella (28 years old) debuted as a Twitch streamer in 2018. She also uses the YouTube platform for streaming her videos. There is cut-throat competition on streaming and social media platforms among the streamers about their vlogs, reaction videos, In Real Life (IRL) clips, gaming, chats, and blogs.

On Tiktok, more than 55 posts related to Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video were found. The date of uploading QTCinderella’s AI video is unknown/not revealed. However, on 30th January 2023, Brandon Ewing, popularly known as Atrioc, was live on Twitch when he accidentally toggled to a website tab that contained deepfake videos of QTCinderella. 

More than 49 posts related to Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video went Viral On Reddit. Atrioc (31 years old) is a famous and professional Twitch and YouTube streamer. After Atrioc was caught red-handed watching the video of QTCinderella, she reacted to the post. 

With the efforts of QTCinderella’s attorney Ryan Morrison, the webpage, including QTCinderella’s deepfake content, was inactivated. QTCinderella will be filing a petition against Atrioc. On Twitter, more than 14 posts related to Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video were present.

Reacting to the post on non-consensual grownup content, QTCinderella posted a video on 31st January 2023. She was seen in despair and crying about Atrioc posting deepfake videos. Her video was viewed by more than 61.8 million viewers on Twitter. On Youtube, more than 8 posts related to Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video were found.


All the information in this article is for informative purpose only. We have no intention to blame anyone.

A day before, on 30th January 2023, Atrioc posted an apology video stating that he was ashamed of the act. He also accepted that he had posted QTCinderella’s video and paid an advertisement fee. His act was criticized by millions of netizens. 

On Telegram, the presence of Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video was unascertained as the group is a private messaging platform that can be joined only via an invite link to view the chats, images, and videos.

Additionally, it was revealed that he also posted deepfake videos of popular streamers, including Pokimane and Sweet Anita. On Instagram, no posts related to Qtcinderella’s Deepfake video were present. Streamers strongly advised him not to create explicit content without consent of specific person. 

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Atrioc’s apology video gained more than 92.5M views. The Qtcinderella Deepfake Video, Pokimane and Sweet Anita’s clips was found on unauthentic grownup sites. As of writing, two videos were found featuring QTCinderella. One clip was a solo video, and another was a dual-grownup video. 

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Qtcinderella AI Video – FAQ

Q1. What is deepfake video?

Deepfake is a general term for applying the intended person’s voice and faces overlaying another actor’s body and movement to create a fake video. The clips are created using Artificial intelligence (AI) and give an impression of the original video. There are many deepfake websites, platforms, and apps to create such content. 

Q2. Is QTCinderella grownup video legitimate?

No, it is fake. QTCinderella’s face and voice were overlaid in a video of another grownup actress.

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