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Trout Lady Cemetery Video Reddit: Is She Dead Becaused Of Charged Imposed Against Her For Uploading Original Tape On Twitter? Discover Truth Here!

In this post, we are going to discuss Trout Lady Cemetery Video Reddit and what charges the police implied on the couple.

Do you know why the trout lady video is trending on the internet? Did you also watch the video, which is getting viral on social media? You might haven’t seen the video yet. This is a widely talked topic on the internet Worldwide. Thus, if you are also curious about the trending video, you must read this post until the end.

Earlier, a video named trout fish lady got viral on the internet, grabbing the attention of massive folk. This video, Trout Lady Cemetery Video Redditis also getting viral on the internet.

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What is in the Trout Lady Cemetery video?

A video goes viral online where a lady is conducting unethical activity in the grave. This grave is located in St Mark’s Anglican Cemetery in Cressy, near Launceston. Adding to this, this grave belongs to the late David Hammond Chapman, a landscape painter.

Soon after the video got uploaded and went viral, Tasmania Police acknowledged the video.


What is in the Trout Lady Cemetery video

Does Trout Lady Charged with legal action?

As soon as the video gets viral on the internet, police acknowledge the video. They immediately started the investigation and asked the people to delete the video, as posting and sharing such insensitive content is a criminal offense.

The police charged this couple with various charges, and they had to face the Hobart Magistrates Court. Though the hearing date is not yet revealed, punishment or fines will be decided after the hearing.

Additionally, the police asked the people to delete this video from their social media. If police find anyone sharing this video or footage on any social media platform, they would be severely charged with criminal charges.

Further information on Trout Lady Dead

According to the sources, this video was filmed and uploaded on social media by a couple who probably belong to southern Tasmania. Earlier, a video goes viral in which this lady is doing some inappropriate activity with trout fish, and her husband records the video.

Soon after the trout fish video went viral, this lady was fired. She used to work in a Hobart veterinary clinic.

Though the video has been deleted from the internet, some people are looking for the video on the internet.

Social Media Links-


Trout Lady Original Video Twitter link has been taken down by the media authorities.  


A video is going viral on the internet where a woman is doing something unethical in the grave. However, police urge the people to delete and stop sharing the video immediately; otherwise, they will have to face serious charges. 

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Trout Lady Cemetery Video Reddit– FAQs

Q1. Is the couple married?

Ans. Yes, the couple is married. 

Q2. What is the age of the lady?

Ans. She is 57 years old.

Q3. Has the video been seen by anyone?

Ans. Yes, the video has been seen by thousands of people. 

Q4. Does the video have explicit content?

Ans. Yes, the video has explicit content. 

Q5. What is the age of the men?

Ans. He is 52 years old. 

Q6.Is the video available on Twitter?

Ans. No, the video has been deleted from Twitter. 

Q7. What is the hearing date of the case in the court?

Ans. The date has been decided yet.

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