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Video Fitting Room Telegram Link: How It Got Leaked on TWITTER, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE & Reddit Media? Checkout Facts Here!

This Video Fitting Room Telegram Link write-up shares exclusive information about the footage shot in a prestigious brand’s dressing room.

Is the CCTV footage of a dressing room leaked? Who must have leaked the footage? What would have been the reason for the footage being viral? Many people Worldwide notice and share the clip online. 

The fitting or dressing room clip is trending on many social media handles. This write-up will provide essential details about the Video Fitting Room Telegram Link and why it is trending.


This information is solely about an incident; we do not promote the content, individual, or brand. Due to the explicit content, we cannot share the link with our users.

Which video clip is viral on Telegram?

A video clip of a fitting (dressing) room in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s H&M, was published on many social media platforms. People are mainly searching on Telegram to find the link. However, there is no such content on Telegram, but certain groups are there with minimal information.

However, the content in the video clip is explicit, and the information Leaked on TWITTER is not good for children to watch. Nevertheless, the 11-second clip quickly gained recognition on Twitter.

Is the probe in the viral H&M video clip?

As notified by Malaysian H&M, the law enforcement authorities are looking into the occurrence. However, after learning that the footage was being shared, Jalan Imbi’s security manager complained.

Although investigators could not discover a video camera during their probe, they guaranteed the populace that they would catch the offender. Accordingly, the Penal Code’s Section 509 has been granted jurisdiction over the matter.

What was the statement from H&M?

H&M issued this statement about the happening that they have examined every changing room to guarantee that there are no breaches or security problems that could affect the security of its consumers.

A formal complaint has been filed, and they value their clients’ safety. Officers were notified of each of the findings regarding the covert cameras, and inquiries are continuing.

Social media handles:

The dressing room footage was circulated online, and its tweet received more than 23,000 views. However, the video clips were being purchased online.

A few reports indicated that several individuals made hateful comments on social media pages demanding explanations. In addition, a few users recommended equipping the H&M personnel with scanners to check for hidden cameras. However, such TIKTOK or Instagram comments are not traceable currently.

How did customers react to the viral video?

Customers are shocked to learn about such an incident since it’s a breach of their privacy and poses doubts about the prestigious brands and also shared their thoughts via commenting on Instagram

Besides, H&M Malaysia has investigated its setting and checked for hidden cameras which they did not find anywhere. However, users must avoid sharing such content online and breaching security and private information. 


How did customers react to the viral video

Social media links-




The viral video of H&M Malaysia has caught the attention of numerous online users. Besides, online users are rapidly circulating and watching this viral footage of the fitting room. However, due to the unpleasantness and explicit content, we advise you not to watch such content. 

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Video Fitting Room Telegram Link: FAQs

Q1. What is the viral video?

The viral video is about sensitive CCTV footage.

Q2. Where was the video shot?

The video was shot in a fitting room.

Q3. Where is the fitting room?

This fitting room is in H&M, Kualampur, Malaysia.

Q3. Does the footage contain sensitive content?


Q4. Is the suspect in the viral video caught?

No such information is currently available.

Q5. Is there a police investigation for a viral video?

Yes, the police are investigating the viral footage.

Q6. Who was shot in the viral video?

The identities of people shot in the viral footage are not disclosed.

Q7. Is the Video Fitting Room Telegram Link available? 

There is no such information accessible on Telegram.

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