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Write For Us News: Check Out The Rules For Writing A Guest Post!

The article clearly highlights the general and SEO guidelines to be adhered to while submitting the Write For Us News article to the les-deux-terres.com

Are you the type of person who stays up-to-date on current events? Can you provide our esteemed readers with unbiased news updates? Then you are the ideal person to reveal the world’s hidden truths. But in order to share the latest news updates, the interested person should follow specific protocols that our les-deux-terres team has designed. Henceforth we request every interested person to read this Write For Us News article thoroughly to write an insightful and eye-opening news article.

Introduction to our website “les-deux-terres.com”

Our web platform is one of the most distinct online content creation forums, where we focus on the readers’ satisfaction. And all our content will get published after thorough verification and formatting according to the interests and needs of the readers.

As a result, we have a readership that includes doctors, engineers, scholars, researchers, students, executives, and many other professionals from both the regional and international levels.

Our highly authentic content falls under the category of

  • Shopping Tips
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel

Preferred Educational Qualifications and Profession

“News” is a piece of information that shares the daily events happening in the world and people can read online Write For Us + News articles.  Previously, the only way to hear the news was through the radio or the newspaper. But nowadays, anyone can read news articles on their handy mobile phones.

That’s why it is essential to write a news article in an authentic manner. Thus, we expect the candidates to write updated news articles reliably.

Professionals such as multimedia news producers, news anchors, network engineers, journalists, news reporters, news writers, news editors, cloud security engineers, technical writers, and others involved in news delivery can apply for this guest posting opportunity.

Educational Qualification: A person who has studied courses on current events and news delivery can make a daring attempt for writing News Write For Us articles

Writing Experience: It is of the utmost importance to deliver the news article in an error-free manner. As a result, the writers must have prior experience in the writing field.

Reference topics 

Writers can take note of these sample news topics.

  • Sports-related breaking news and match score updates
  • Internationally important information like war, treaties, and WHO medical updates
  • Major natural disasters and their death and recovery rates
  • Entertainment industry news (the writers should not spread any false rumors)
  • Inflation rates, banking rates, new monetization policies, the gold rate, and other financial and economic news should be covered.

Write For Us News Articles Guidelines

  • The word limit of the news article is 500 to 1500; we advise the writers to maintain minimum and maximum word limits.
  • Writers should include information which is backed by an authentic source and double-check the facts before submitting them to us.
  • Writers shouldn’t add repetitive content to increase the word limit of the article.
  • Our team will only accept 100% unique and original articles from the respective writers. To make that happen, we advise the writers to use any online plagiarism tool to check the level of plagiarism in the article. Sometimes it may happen unknowingly, so online tools help us to rectify mistakes.
  • Similarly, Write For Us News writers should not make any spelling mistakes in their articles. So, they can make use of AI-powered grammatical online tools to rectify that.

SEO Guidelines

  • Writers have to include the primary and secondary focus keywords related to the respective topic. And they should give more importance to the primary keywords and make them bold.
  • Keyword density plays a significant role in the placement of keywords. Kindly add one keyword for every 100 to 120 words and not more than that.


Our team works for the upliftment of the writing career of the writers as well. And that is why we have to decide on publishing the author’s name when we publish their Write For Us News article. In this way, many people came to know the person behind the creation of that online article, which may lead to new writing opportunities for the writers.

Submission rules

All interested candidates should submit their completed articles to this Email Address [[email protected]]. Please proofread before submitting it.


We are a group of people who value guest post writers’ hard work and skills so that the writer can have faith in us. Our selection process will be more transparent, and Write For Us News writers will receive all notifications at their registered email addresses. We hope we have induced a sense of interest by attempting this guest blogging opportunity. Let’s create a vigilant community using our News article.

Are you interested in making an attempt at this guest posting opportunity? Comment on it.

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