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Write For Us Law: Read Entire Checklist for Onboarding As Writer!

How eager are you to join us, writers? Be sure to read the entire article on Write For Us Law post.

Are you aware of the existing laws? Knowing the laws pertaining to different sectors and industries is imperative. However, that calls for subject matter experts who possess good knowledge and expertise in the field. Therefore, we as a website deem to inform and enlighten readers about the various laws.

Thus, we have an opportunity for everyone who is a law enthusiast and inclined to share knowledge with the audience. In addition, we have an opening for Write For Us Law content for our website as writers. Thus, if you are interested, read the entire content until the end to gain a better insight.

What does the website deal with?

We are an online website dealing widely in topics that provide accurate knowledge to the audience. Our website, les-deux-terres, is an online medium that includes write-ups by exceptional writers on varied genres. These include information related to genres like health, sports, gaming and shopping, business, money, and many more.

However, our current opening is related to Write For Us + Law writers with expertise in the field. If you are seriously considering the opportunity, continue to read further and gain complete information about the criteria and guidelines.

Continue to read the proceeding sections.

What are the general guidelines to follow for Write for Us content?

Every writer must follow all the guidelines and criteria that can make the content readable and informative. Here are a few as listed below:

  • Grammar and spelling are essential for all content
  • Read and re-read the content before sharing it with us
  • Check the Grammarly score, which is expected to be 98+, and spelling that is UK English
  • Secondly, the content must not be a spun
  • Check for plagiarism using the plagiarism tool and make sure the percentage is 0%
  • Formatting every content and proofreading is very necessary
  • Check the structure of the content and divide it into small paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should be 150 words
  • Each sentence should not be more than 20 words
  • Add relevant meta description for Write For Us Law contents to make it search engine friendly
  • Also, add evenly spread keywords to rank the article/ blog on top of the search engine.

Why should you join us as a writer for our website?

Our website has many advantages, along with the opportunity to join us as writers. These include:

  • Network with more writers and build your reach
  • Reach out to a vast audience globally and increase your target audience
  • Add your summary for Law Write For Us articles; it will help more people know about you
  • Add high-quality content to your portfolio and increase the chances of getting more opportunities
  • Whether you are a law student or a professional, it will help to start your career and add a new dimension to it
  • Get paid and earn pocket money writing excellent content

How to Start your career as a Writer with us?

The process is very easy. Every writer who holds the potential and believes they can onboard as a writer share their Write for Us Law content through Email. Drop your samples at [email protected].

Once the content is checked by our team of professionals and meets the requirement guidelines, the approved writers will be notified through mail. Hence, ensure to follow all guidelines and create great informative content and an excellent read.

What are other important guidelines for the articles?

  • It is important to note that all content approved and uploaded on our website will hold our copyright. Hence it should not be shared on any other medium.
  • All Write For Us Law content must be edited and thoroughly proofread before sharing.
  • Include tables, points, images, and links wherever necessary
  • Do not add any fake content
  • A proper source link must accompany every fact
  • Add references at the end
  • Maintain the font size to Times New Roman/ Calibri 12
  • Follow all the guidelines without leaving any

Final Conclusion

How ready are you to join our platform as a writer? We are excited to have eligible onboard talents who can graph up their career and the website to new heights. We hope all questions related to Write For Us Law are cleared. Read more about Law here.

However, if you have any more views or opinions, or feedback that you want to share, then drop comments below. Our team will make sure to share the response as soon as possible.

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