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Write For Us Seo: Understand the Ways to Write Guest Post!

This post on Write For Us Seo will help all the contributors to provide a well knowledgeable content for this website.

What is guest post? Can you write about SEO? Publishing articles on other sites could be defined as guest post. Our prestigious website Lesdeuxterres is allowing all the contributors to publish their articles in it’s platform. If you have a good knowledge about SEO then you can also enlighten the world by Sharing the knowledge with the world. 

So let’s start the content on Write For Us Seo

Brief about Lesdeuxterres. 

Lesdeuxterres is a website that shares unlimited posted regularly on different trending content. Our site is known by numerous people all over the globe. We are team of professional as well as freshers contributors. We together work day and night to write original and accurate content for the website. We have been working hard from a long time to achieve our goal. 

We publish different kinds of content on the various topics like sports, Cryptocurrency, health, business, trading, international news, sports, net worth, celebrities, technology, blockchain, war news, covid 19 etc. 

Directions for Write For Us Seo.

Do you know how to get fast approval? Do you know the guidlines of our website? If you are unaware about the guidlines then this section will help you in gathering knowledge about guest post in our website. So in the following points you will read all the guidlines about the guest post: 

  • The content of your articles must be based on Seo only.
  • The articles should not include any word or langauge which can harm a particular person. The articles should not include vulgar words or language. Such content is against the community and guidlines of our website.
  • Seo Write For Us must be more than six hundred words. Try to write the content of atleast six hundred to thousand words.
  • The articles should not include impulsive or aggressive words. You should avoid sentences that involves explicit or vulgar words.
  • The content should include pictures. You should use atleast two pictures on articles including more than 600 words. 
  • The keywords in your articles should be highlighted with dark blue colour. The links of your articles must also be highlighted.
  • The content must be SEO friendly. Try to make the article unique and authentic. 
  • Do not use repeated sentence again and again. 
  • Write For Us Seo content must not have plagiarism. The plagiarism can occur if you write copied content from any other website. You can avoid plagiarism by checking the content through online plagiarism Verification website.
  • We do not allow content with plenty of grammatical errors. Grammar errors are the most common types of errors in a Content. So to resolve this problem you can use online platforms to correct the grammar for free. 
  • The articles should involve accurate headings and titles. Try to make more than six section and apply heading on each section. 

Titles for Write For Us Seo.

The titles for seo guest post must be not lengthy. The titles you opt for your articles should be one of the best SEO titles. The following topics will also help you in knowing about the apt title for guest post: 

What is SEO articles?

How to write SEO friendly articles?

Layout for publishing guest post.

The format you choose for guest post should be accurate and up to the point. The format should not confuse the contributors.  The sections of the content must be in proper level. The conclusion of your content should not be less than 70 words and more than 90 words. 

Merits of publishing Write For Us Seo

There are several merits of publishing guest post. The guest post assist fresher contributors to get a writing experience which will help a lot in achieving future goals. The guest post will help in achieving higher goals at a shorter span of time as the contributors will get trained after posting the articles on regular basis.

Submission ways of guest post.

We have only a single path to deliver the guest post. The contributors have to deliver the guest post at this Email ([email protected]) address. You can send the article any time in a day as we are always available for the contributors.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post on Write For Us Seo, we posted all the information in a simple language to make the guest post understand to all the contributors globally. Visit this link for more details on Seo.

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